Our Services

Custom Design

You describe it, we can make it. Really! We have done casting, fabrication, granulation, and stone setting. We have worked with platinum, gold (18k and 22k), diamonds, and many types of gemstones.

  • Casting: Making a mold for the piece, typically of wax
  • Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing  (CAD/CAM): Used to create  three-dimensional (3-D) models and Cam to create the model
  • Fabrication: Manual manipulation, like twisting wire made from a precious metal
  • Granulation: Applying tiny spheres of gold (usually) to a surface
  • Stone setting: Right, setting a gemstone into a piece of jewelry

Appraisals and Identification

We appraise and identify jewelry, gemstones, and related art objects for:

  • Insurance estimates
  • Retail replacement
  • Donation value
  • Hypothetical value
  • Estate sales

We have extensive experience appraising antiques, estate, and period jewelry. We own a Master Diamond Set and follow ASA standards and guidelines.


Repairs and Restoration

We also repair and restore jewelry – such as broken mountings or hinges, even in platinum.