Initial consultation a start of the design process that begins with conversation and exploration of your designs and inspiration to paper. This start allows the designer to estimate the cost of the project and the client can approve the drawing to the next part of the design process.

A computer render or a wax model is rendered to show the exact design and you can approve the design. At this point, you can actually try on the piece with the stones in place to see the exact setting. Tthe next step is to cast or fabricate the piece and set the stone or stones.

Custom design starts with a need for something special! A drawing, rendering and a discussion of what lifestyle the jewelry will have once it is made. How it will be worn, how much it will be worn and materials will all be taken into account during Initial discussions of the design.
Materials play an important part of what a piece of jewelry will be constructed of. If you play and work hard then a more durable material such as platinum or 14k white gold might be better.

Stones also need to be considered. Hard stones such as diamonds, sapphires or rubies can be more durable than a pearl or amethyst.